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ICSSE 2011: International Conference on Software Science and Engineering August 4, 2011

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Here is something for the hardcore software engineering gurus who just cant get enough of software code. How does three days in Paris meeting the  best and brightest minds in the computer software field sound? Interested? Then perhaps you should checkout the 2011 ICSSE: International Conference on Software Science and Engineering conference.
International Conference on Software Science and Engineering
Working in cooperation with the International Journal of Computer Information Engineering, a academic journal at the fore of the computer software field, the World Academy of Science Engineering and Technology promised to deliver the newest solution to the challenges facing software engineers today.

Paris Software Conference Program
While the conference will have an academic theme focusing on the computer software engineering world, an elaborate program has been developed with a broad range of computer-related issues. The format eschews the typical social networking function of conferences and focuses on offering a series of lectures. Each day will be split into four section, each offering attendees to take their pick of potential lectures to attend.
Software and Computer Engineering Topics
The conference offer attendees a mind boggling level of choice. In the first day you can choose from from lectures such as military software programs being researched by the Korean Defense Department to programs developed by the Iranian national Gas Company. Truly, there is something there for anyone interested in the practical applications of computer software engineering.
ICSSE Software conference details
Conference fees run between 200 and 500 euro and registration can be found via the WASET  homepage.
This years conference takes place in Paris, France from July 27-29, 2011.

The conference venue is in the Holiday Inn in of Paris

  • Holiday Inn Paris
  • Montparnasse-Av.Du Maine
  • 79-81 Avenue Du Maine
  • Paris, 75014 France
  • Phone: +33-1-43201393
    Fax: +33-1-43209560


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